How Important is the Type Face on your Wedding Stationery? March 23, 2016 13:53

Being in the printing business we have become more and more obsessed with different type fonts! Sad, I know. However, in our defence, the whole area of fonts and type faces is strangely addictive. My individual nerdy obsession took an added turn when I was bought the book Just My Type by Simon Garfield for Christmas. Oh my life, as Simon explains, just a small tweak to the type on a logo and the whole thing changes disproportionately. Love it.

It is actually amazing ( no irony here) how you can change the look and feel of a product just by using a cursive, modern or block type face.

Check this out; same product but four different fonts.

Rose Gold Guest Book

Which do you prefer? Which Guest Book goes best with your wedding?

If you have a specific font for your wedding and you'd like us to print a personalised guest book for you then just get in touch at as we are more than happy to do bespoke options.