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Busy Bank Holiday!

We all love a Bank Holiday weekend, that extra day can make all the difference. The chance to catch up on all those jobs that need doing, and also the opportunity to be able to socialise and relax. How does one extra day make it all the more achievable?!

Is it the thought of not having a ‘Manic Monday’ that does it? Or is it the prospect that some lovely spring sunshine might appear? Whatever it is, make sure you grab it with both hands and use it wisely.

Here at BeGolden we think its the perfect time to put all of your holiday photos into an album. It can be seen as being a bit of a chore, but once you get going you realise it really is a wonderful way to capture all of your holiday memories. But remember, if you are going to invest the time then make sure the album itself is just right. A beautiful leather photo album personalised with your destination is a fantastic keepsake, or a super gift. Choose your size (we offer three different sizes) your colour (we have over fifteen) and then the words printed on the front. You could keep it simple eg. ‘India 2018’, make it detailed eg. ‘Kate goes to Bali’, or be romantic eg. ‘Our Days Together’. The choice is yours!

So why don’t you make this Bank Holiday a productive one! 




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