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Castle Weddings

A breathtaking castle is the ultimate wedding venue for any bride who had a childhood dream of wanting to be a Princess and be swept off her feet by Prince Charming. There are many reasons why this dream should become a reality.

Set in acres of land with spectacular views and landscaped gardens, its the ideal opportunity for a more private and secluded affair. With so much space to work with it also allows you the convenience of having your ceremony and reception all in one place. The setting combined with historic interior is perfect for a truly authentic castle experience and making you feel like real Royalty. 

Castle weddings have long been a favourite of the rich and famous, and rightly so. The photo opportunities are endless with stunning backdrops to create many different looks. From ancient arches, turrets, stained glass and leaded windows, paintings, staircases, suits of armour, formal gardens, fountains and lakes there really is no shortage for that picture perfect moment! 

Many castles can offer a full destination package allowing you to enjoy a wedding breakfast, ceremony, then dance the night away before retiring to your Bridal suite…you could then even enjoy a mini-moon straight after! Themed catering and activities are a must and can add a touch of fun and intrigue to the special day. How about a medieval banquet? Period Costume? Archery or Croquet? 

There’s something truly romantic about marrying in an historic castle, what better place to feel like a Royal on your wedding day?



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