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Choosing text font/style for your Wedding Album or Guest Book

Choosing the right style font for your Wedding Photo Album or Guest Book can change the look and feel of a product just by using a cursive, modern or block type face. 

When planning which style font to use, you could take a few things into consideration. Size of the album will play a major part. A large print on a small book might look cumbersome, equally a small text on a large book will get lost on the page.

Certain fonts can also change the readability of the text. Make sure when selecting the font you like best that your text is clear.

You could also choose a font based on a theme or style you are trying to create. For example, you could choose a classic calligraphy font for a traditional look, or our retro font for an impactful bold contemporary look. 

Obviously at the end of the day and in simple terms, it does all come down to personal preference and which one you like the best!!

If you have a specific font for your wedding and you'd like us to print a personalised guest book for you then just get in touch at as we are more than happy to discuss bespoke options.

Which of these you prefer? Which one goes best with your wedding?

Wedding Guest Book Traditionally Bound in Linen - Contemporary Font 


Large Linen Guest Book with Calligraphy Font - Calligraphy Font

Monochrome Wedding Guest Book - Fanciful Font 

Cool And Colourful Wedding Guest Book - Retro Font

Wedding Album With Modern Script Font - Modern Font



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