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Eco-Friendly Weddings

With more of an emphasis today at looking after the environment, more couples when planning their big day are choosing to have a ‘greener’ wedding. Most weddings on the whole don’t tend to be that eco-friendly with lots of throwaway decorations, wasted food and plastic packaging. So more and more couples are coming up with different ways in making their special day that little bit more sustainable. Now don’t panic, the whole day need not be biodegradable, but by making a few things more ‘enviro-safe’, will give you a guilt free wedding, and make you feel like you have done your bit!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues

How about having both your service and reception in one place, reducing fuel emissions and decreasing travel options for guests. One other easy step in cutting down energy is by having your wedding outdoors. Any beautiful barn or vineyard, gardens or outdoors spaces allow for plenty of natural light.

Recycled Stationery and Wedding Memory Books

When choosing paper invites, always opt for recycled card. You can always ask your guests to recycle the invite after use too, so make sure any any extra bits attached are also recyclable. A very easy option is to send an e-invite, your response may also be quicker! Choosing a guest book made from recycled materials also helps. Brides have been buying BeGolden recycled leather guest books and photo books for years - and you wouldn’t know it was a recycled product as our books look and feel like real leather. 

Wedding Flowers

Choose local and seasonal flowers, to save flying in out of season blooms. Use potted plants or herbs as table decorations that can then be gifted after. Go for flower garlands instead of balloons.


Organic foods may cost more, but asking your caterer to source from in-season, locally-grown products will help keep the cost down and guarantee the freshest finds. Buffets generally create a huge amount of waste, but choosing the right caterer will help reduce this if you are specific in your options.You could also avoid disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery.



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