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Gifts for Teachers

As the end of the academic school year draws nearer, it’s time to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication of your little one’s teacher. Show them how much you appreciate all of their words of encouragement and guidance throughout the year, or as a big thank you as your child transitions from primary to secondary school.

But the question is how much do you spend and what happens if you don’t spend the same amount as 'William’s mum' or she gets a better present?!! 

We have a few answers to these and a range of personalised gifts that would suit all.

From our accessories range we have our personalised Slim Metallic Wallet, Limited Edition Passport Case, Card Case made from Recycled Leather with a Reptile Finish and Personalised Make-Up Bag. Prices start from £12.    


Our range of notebooks would be perfect for any teacher. Small Personalised Leather Notebook, Small Personalised Metallic Notebook, Leather Notebook with Ribbon and Traditional Font and Handmade Leather Notebook with Contrasting Wrap. All personalised to make it super special. Prices from £22.


Or how about clubbing together and giving a joint gift from year 6 leavers? This way no one needs to worry about spending too much as you can get a gift and split the cost. These memorable photo albums can be personalised to say the teacher’s name, class and year and can be filled with photos and messages from each child in the class.  Photo Album Traditionally Bound in Recycled Leather - Small or Large Photo Album with Traditional Font. Prices from £38.



Any gift large or small will be greatly received but these will make a change from the usual candles, wine or box of chocolates. 

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