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Top Drawer 2019

Earlier in January Tracey and I went to Top Drawer at Olympia to see what the world of retail had to offer us in 2019. Always an exciting trip as a) we get to go on a London Bus - which for country mice is a bonus and b) you never quite know what you are going to see.

Well this year we came back even more over excited than normal. We were overwhelmed and inspired by all the lush, deep, dark, highly pigmented colours that people were showcasing. From greetings cards to velvet cushions, chocolate bars to candles the packaging, fabrics and materials used were made in those beautiful rich jewel colours. Even the yellow ( when deep and slightly irridescent ) looked cool - and I hate yellow.

We are taking all this on board and are soon to be launching a luxurious and decadent new range of photo albums and guest books ....



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