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Planning a wedding can be incredibly overwhelming. The easy bit (getting engaged!!) has happened and then the task of planning the wedding of your dreams begins!!

All the endless decisions to make, lists to produce and deadlines to make, whilst fitting in your normal life at the same time, can be somewhat daunting. 

So, where do you actually start? 

Most importantly, before you begin having aspirations of a million pound wedding, and choosing your dress, cake and car, make sure you have a budget plan in place. This will allow for any awkward encounters further down the line. Once you know your spend allowance, you can start your ‘wedmin”. A fabulous word from the urban dictionary; ‘all the admin, or boring organisation that you have to do when you're planning your wedding, that takes over your entire life and is likely to turn you into a bridezilla!!

But really it doesn’t need to be a boring task at all. Have fun and indulge in all the bridal magazines - cutting out any bridal, lifestyle, fashion, gardening and food for inspiration. Having some form of organisation though can help keep things on track. Create colour boards, spreadsheets with guest numbers, menu plans, and bouquet arrangements. And have them all stored in a handy folder, so that there is no chance of losing any of that important information.  

We have 3 fabulous products to enable all wedding planning goes smoothly.

Leather Wedding Planner 

With gorgeous, smooth premium quality paper, this book is ready to be filled with information on venues, dresses, colour schemes, jewellery, speeches, bridesmaids' gifts... its all so exciting!

Leather Wedding Organiser with Notebook

With plenty of pockets and card storage you can keep all those little bits of information, contact details, photos, magazine cut outs etc. in one safe place. The notebook is perfect for jotting down all the information you are given at different meetings ( with caterers, florists, venues, photographers...) and for keeping hold of all your ideas and plans.

Personalised Leather Wedding Folder

Keep those brochures, quotes, leaflets, business cards, menus etc. all zipped up and in one place so you can stay on top of all your wedding information gathering! 

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