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The printing workshop will be closed from 18th May - 24th May so please order before if urgent! Thank you

Welcome to BeGolden

Here at BeGolden we are passionate about leather stationery. From the dyeing of the leather to the cutting of the paper we are involved. From the binding of the books to the embossing of the personalised message we are engaged. Predicting the season's colours, designing new ways to display photos, creating new stationery lines is all in a days work.

At our bindery in Wiltshire we practice all the traditional techniques yet our aim is to present the craftsmanship of old in a new and contemporary way. Bold colours, clean lines, confident designs. Products that we hope you will keep and collect.

To compliment our handmade recycled leather stationery, we also bring to you a carefully curated range of beautiful leather accessories and everyday stationery items.

If there's anything else that you feel that we could or should include in our range then drop us a line as we'd love to hear from you!