What I Love About Grandma


A little 'I love you' book to let you say, in a novel way, how much you adore your Grandma.

Simply fill in the blanks, and that's it: you have a uniquely expressive gift for your lovely Grandma. You can be funny, irreverent, witty, soppy, honest...it's up to you.

They will love it as it's so thoughtful, funny and clever.

It's a winner!

Pages include lines such as ...

I love spending........... ( time/your money/the day shopping ) with you

When I was little I loved.......( baking cakes/singing songs/teasing Grandad ) with you

Thanks for helping me ( learn to sew/ be more optimistic/ stand up for myself)

It is bound to make her cry so be prepared!

made from:

It's a hardback mini pocket book made from card and paper


Suitably diddy, 11.5cms x 8cms

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