What I Love About My Dad


Make your Dad feel special and loved with this fun, thoughtful and uniquely personal gift. A little book all about him!

Simply fill in the blanks, and that's it: you have a uniquely expressive, thoughtful and precious book for your Dad. You can be adoring, irreverent, rude, witty, gushing..it's up to you.

They will love it as it's so personal, funny and loving. It's a winner! All Dads love to be told how much they are appreciated

Pages include lines such as ...

sometimes your ability to .......... (drive fast / whistle / fart ) ...... amazes me

I admire your dedication to .......(Mum / Rugby / my GCSE revision)

I don't know what I'd do without your.... ( advice / car / money )

Suitable for pre schoolers, teenagers and grown ups to fill in.

With a deep blue cover and retro styling it's a momento they will want to keep forever.

made from:

It's a hardback pocket book made from card and paper. It has 50 pages to fill in.


Suitably diddy, 11.5cms x 8cms.

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