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Album 1 - Medium sized with glassine pages
Leather Baby's First Year Book
Color: Pale Pink
The colour you'd like the words printed in: Rose Gold Foil

Personalization - middle:
(Nothing on the first line)

Gaia Reese-You


(first line starlight, second line champ & limo)


Album 2: Medium sized with glassine pages
Family Photo Album Traditionally Bound with Recycled Leather
Color: Charcoal grey
Foil color: Silver

Personalization - middle
(Nothing on the first line)


2016 - 2018

(first line autumn in november, second line gill sans)


Album 3: Large album with glassine pages

Color: Petrol
Foil color: Gold

Personalization, upper middle :

Hong & Christian Reese-You (can you make this line with the swirly font)

Chateau Saint-Martin



(first line starlight, second line baskerville old face, third line champ & limo)


3 x mounting squares

Customer to arrange own shipping

10 per cent discount included in price.