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which colour foil do I use for the words printed on my photo album or guest book??

which colour foil do I use for the words printed on my photo album or guest book??

This question 'which colour foil should I use for the personalisation on my guest book?' is a really common one, and it's actually quite tricky to answer as it's so subjective.

When we started the business 15 years ago we were champions of gold ( hence the name BeGolden ) as it was the heyday of all things white, grey and silver and we wanted to be different. The White Company was massive, piles of silver bangles a must, grey interiors the only way and everyone wanted silver embossing. Out of 20 printed orders only one would be gold and that was usually for a 50 year Wedding Anniversary or someone's 80th.

Then everyone went rose gold obsessed. All the wedding albums were rose gold, all the christening books rose gold, all the birthday albums rose gold and silver embossing dropped off a cliff.

And then in the last 3-4 years we have seen gold rise to the top. Now gold foil is used more than any other, followed by silver and then rose gold and copper (which has always been quite a niche foil colour)

As a general rule, gold brings out the warm tones in a colour, silver brings out the cool tones and copper and rose gold make a bold statement. Some colours look amazing with all colour foils eg, navy, dove grey, ivory, peacock blue, blush pink and some look better with one vs the other eg. berry red looks better with gold, china blue looks better with silver but at the end of the day it comes down to personal opinion and even amongst the printers we all have different favourite colour matches. The one clashy combo that we all agree warrants a phone call to the customer is copper on Mulberry Pink - it just never works!

If you're deliberating between which colour to go for on your photo album or guest book then drop us a line as we have a point of view on every single foil/colour combination!

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