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A Perfect Birthday Present - a book full of photos of their life so far

A Perfect Birthday Present - a book full of photos of their life so far

It is so hard to know what to buy people for their birthday - especially when they are in their middle ages and seem to have everything that they need. So, how about getting them a beautiful, handmade, photo album all about themselves? Perfect.

A photo album that they will cherish and look back over for years to come.

If you are going to do this really properly then it will take a little bit of thought (imagine the bonus points) but it will so be worth it. So, this is the process

- make a whats app group

- invite everyone that you think will have photos of them

- get them to upload

- save into your photos

- get a free app like Free Print ( no connection here at all, but have used them!)

- select the photos, decide on the size of the prints and get them printed off and sent to you - it costs so little and takes 2-3 days

- when they arrive, sit down with a nice glass of wine/cup of tea and stick them all in

You will undoubtedly be their very favourite friend/relative for at least a week

Alternatively, and this still works a treat, arrive at their birthday party with an empty yet personalised photo album ( very premium, very obviously and suitably expensive looking and thoughtfully selected )  and give them the task of filling it with photos of themselves and everyone they love.

We can all remember the thoughtful gifts that we've been given ( and the less imaginative, last minute ones) and it really is worth going the extra mile for someone special




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