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Dry Hire Weddings - things to consider

Dry Hire Weddings - things to consider

I had no idea what a 'Dry Hire Wedding' was until I read a blog from Laura at Devine Bride and I'm not sure I could face the organisation! Potentially you can be responsible for sourcing everthing from the portaloos to the wedding guest book (we'll help you with that) and everything in between.

So, the plus side is that you get to have the wedding you've always wanted in the location of your choice. You can shape the entire day. You have the tablescaping of your dreams, the lighting that you've saved on Instagram three years ago, the catering company that you love, the champagne that you've always pined after and the whole thing is a triumph and exactly as you wanted.

However (read Laura's blog) there can be untold pitfalls that can unleash all manner of hassle. Things you'll need to check: is there parking (it could have rained all week and that field look very different); are there loos; do you need to get a generator; do you need to get a bar/barstaff; is there a floor for the band, do you have to organise tables and chairs; where does the rubbish go; do you need heaters; who's cleaning up in the morning...

I'd love to think I was capable of the task but I know that three weeks before I'd be in all sorts of organisational pain



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