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the role of the wedding guest book monitor

the role of the wedding guest book monitor

Every wedding needs a wedding guest book, as the day will fly past and the messages from your guests will be ( along with the photo album) the way to bring back all the fun of the day. However, every wedding also needs a Wedding Guest Book monitor.

Before the Big Day you need to nominate someone who's task is to go around all the tables of your tipsy guests asking them to sign the wedding guest book. You need to pinpoint the slightly bossy aunt, the over friendly usher, the garrolous friend - you know the one - and give them the task. They will LOVE it. It will be a perfect opportunity for them to meet everyone at the wedding and to chat endlessly and the bonus will be your book will be written in by everyone :)

If you leave it on the table, even with the best intentions of your guests, it will only be half full of messages!



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