Is it now time for maximalism?

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I've just seen a really interesting instagram post by @thebijoubride wedding planners, stating that this year they've found their wedding clients going really bold. Having had such a tricky year in 2020 with wedding plans continually being dashed and put on hold, they're finding couples being much braver and going for what they really want. Going for their dream wedding rather than some watered down version that the venue put forward.

And I can so understand that - I think I'd want to throw caution to the wind and not listen to everybody tempering my ideas. Have pink and gold tableware if that's what you want. Adorn the room with purple ostrich feathers if you love them. Choose a red velvet tablecloth if that has always been your dream.

I think if your wedding has been put on hold then you FULLY deserve to have whatever you fancy!

ornate wedding tableware

(the lovely photo is by @jesswitheyphoto)

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