Lockdown time again...

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I can't believe it, but here in England we're on lockdown again. Another month of home and no going out.

This time I'm planning on doing all those things I didn't do first time ( get fit, paint the landing, make baklava...) and one of the things on my list is to put all those photos that are saved on various devices into an album.

family photo album

You'd think that being surrounded by photo albums all day everyday would make me more organised on this front but sadly not.

Still, everyday I'm encouraged by the fact that it's never to late to take on a momentous task that's been hanging around for ages, as we have people order albums for events that happened years ago. Just this month we've had a couple order a wedding album for their wedding that took place in 1992 and someone order three baby albums for their kids who have left home.

To inspire you further here's a 15% code to use on anything you like on our website. Use code LOCKDOWN at the checkout. The code is valid until Monday the 9th November!


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