Why Micro Weddings could be a blessing

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As we are all painfullly aware 2020 was unbelievably tricky for all of us. However, I really do think that couples who had their weddings planned and scheduled for last year had it truly tough. All those questions, decisions, tricky conversations, disappointments...with the fundamental question 'do we go ahead with a small scale wedding or postpone' being the big topic up for continual discussion.

The Financial Times wrote a very thought provoking article  a couple of weeks ago extolling the surprising virtues of a Micro Wedding. Whereas the thought of culling my guest list by 100 people and reassessing the dream I'd been concocting since 7 years old would have made me go cold and sweaty, the principals of a bijou wedding do actually appeal. 

How many people do you really want at your wedding - do you need Keith from accounts there? Do you really want to share your magical day with your Mum and Dad's next door neighbours?

Do you want a massive and impratical dress that costs three month's salary and will only be worn the once - or would you be happy in a Needle & Thread frock or a Halston white jumpsuit?

Do you want to be up all night months before fretting over the shade of sugared almonds you've chosen?

Brides and grooms can be under increasing pressure to engineer a massively choreographed event with no detail spared, so for those who don't relish the challenge the Micro Wedding could well be a blessing in disguise

micro wedding


N.B. photo taken from weddingbee.com - couldn't find the name of the photographer!

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