The Wonderful World of Wedding Cakes

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Hurrah - gone are the days when the only choice you had for a wedding cake was a three tier, white iced, jammed with dried fruit, fondant flower creation. With the top tier being saved to have at the Christening of your first born ( yes, this was a thing...)

It's not that I'm against the traditional type of wedding cake, its the fact that there never seemed to be any choice. Now the choice is endless, exciting and gives you full permission to choose something that completely reflects the theme of the wedding and the personality of the bride and groom.

At the Most Curious Wedding Show I went to last week there were some amazing cake creators. Proper geniuses of the buttercream and fondant art. 

Emma Page Buttercream had some designs on display that were just so incredibly iced that it was hard to believe that they were cakes and not flower displays

The detail of all those petals!! I was allowed a little taster and the flowers were like fresh cream. Unbelievably good.

And then I met the designers from the ARD bakery, sculpting the most amazing towers of pure cake joy. How long must this type of mastery take??


But I also have a very soft spot for the 'naked cake'. The type that Mae + Harvey do so well. These look so inviting, all that soft sponge just there tempting you....

( this fabulous photo was taken by @robbinsphotograhic)

I am a self-confessed cake fanatic so choosing a wedding cake for me would be harder than choosing a dress. I think, if I'm honest, I would judge a book by it's cover (sorry Mum) and go for a cake that was marvellously over the top, decorated within an inch of its life and completely and utterly delicious looking. So basically, all of them.


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