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All our photo albums are beautifully hand made here in the UK. We use the traditional methods favoured by generations of skilled book binders. We offer three different materials for the covers: recycled leather and hardback books in linen and premium book cloth.

We are happy to make any of the albums up in any of the colours, using any of the fonts - just contact us at for a quote.

Our traditional albums come in four different sizes -

standard/small album: 22cms x 16cms, perfect for one 7" x 5" landscape photo per page.

medium/square album: 23cms x 24cms, perfect for one 7" x 5" landscape or portait per page with plenty of room to write next to or two 6" x 4" landscape or portrait per page.

large album: 33cms x 32cms. This can fit up to four 6" x 4" photos per page, or two 7" x 5" photos.

A4 album: 24cms x 29cms, perfect for two 7" x 5" landscape photos per page, or two 6" x 4" per page (either landscape or portrait).

For all the albums you can use both sides of the page! The pages are blank (made from premium photo board ) so you need to stick the photos on with mounting squares, photo corners etc. The pages can be written on with biro, fountain pen and roller balls.The pages are interleaved with traditional glassine leaves.

And then we also have the 'slip in' album which has plastic pockets for you to slip 200 of the  6"x 4" photos into.

Why not take a look at our short videos that show you what we do and how to select your personalised album or guest book.  Just click on the links below to take you to our youtube channel:

BeGolden - how to use our traditionally bound photo albums and guest books

BeGolden - how we print and personalise our traditionally bound albums and guest books


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