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Festival Weddings

With the Festival season in full swing, its all about creating memories! Now they may be booze fuelled memories and all of a slight haze, but you can guarantee they will consist of the following; meeting new friends, singing and dancing to your heart's content, listening to new bands or a rendition of a favourite song, trekking through miles of mud on your way back to your tent or even crowd surfing…ok this one might not be true! 

These memories will last a lifetime and they will stay with you forever. But for the select few festival goers they take it that step further. With the focus on fun and entertainment, an informal approach, fab food and a headdress(?) you have the perfect potion for a festival themed wedding! These festival themed weddings are on the increase as all the fun times had on those raucous weekends away are perfect for recreating a wedding to rival Glastobury. 

Must haves for your special day should include, floral crowns, wonderful wellies, rustic signage, a tent, tippee ( or even a yurt ) chill out zones, a crowd pleasing band, hundreds of fairy lights and maybe even a burger van ;-) 

This theme allows for an anything goes approach, just make sure the portaloos are posh and the beer is cold!

All of these albums and guest books would be perfect to showcase all of your wild and wacky wedding photos.




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