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What is recycled leather?

Here at BeGolden nearly all of our products are made from recycled leather. Recycled leather you say, what actually is that? 

Recycled leather is a composite of shredded discarded leather collected from the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, boots, handbags, furniture etc. These shreds are then mixed together with a binding agent and produced into sheets of different thicknesses and then coated into any given colour. Different textures can be added for a tactile smooth finish or an interesting textured look. 

In terms of leather thickness, we use a thick board for our albums to keep them stiff and durable so that they do not lose their shape, whereas the thickness of our make up bags is thinner and lined to allow them to be more soft and pliable.

The colours of our albums are ‘our’ colours, they are exclusive to BeGolden. We choose them to match current colour trends and specific occasions, ivory for weddings, gold for golden anniversaries etc. We have 22 colours and also a beautiful natural (non coated finish) which looks and feels like soft cork.

The finished recycled leather product will have the look and feel of new, non-recycled leather. In general, recycled leather is more cost efficient than its traditional counterpart and a very environmentally friendly product.





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