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Has the new Barbie film inspired you to get more pink into your life?

Has the new Barbie film inspired you to get more pink into your life?

I don't think pink gets enough air time if I'm honest. It often gets overlooked as too girly, too sugary, too brash but it really is an amazing colour.

Watching the Barbie film this week made me reaffirm my love of pink. It has the boldness of red but without the harsh heat, the glow of yellow but just more depth and a frisson of fun that blue, green and grey just don't have.

We have lots of shades of pink here at BeGolden ( another plus point - its huge range of variations). In our linen range we have two shades, a really muted earthy pink and then a bluey pink, in our recycled leather we have three shades ranging from the very pale, browny pink to the deep, dark mulberry pink and then in our jewel range we have our much loved Bubble Gum pink. An unapologetic, densely coloured, slightly shimmery, tantalisingly magnetic pink.

So, if you are looking for a pink wedding guest book then you have come to the right place. If its a pink photo album that you are after then you have arrived. Looking for a visitors book for a new home and fancy an injection of pink? Bingo.

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