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The beauty of Linen Wedding Stationery

The beauty of Linen Wedding Stationery

There is something so wonderfully elegant, natural, traditional, timeless and understated about linen that makes it a really popular choice for wedding stationery. I don't think people often get married in linen ( probably because it crumples so easily ) but they certainly want it for their guest books and wedding albums.

Linen also represent the 4th Wedding Anniversary - and getting a linen wedding album is a tried and tested go-to gift!

We offer ten shades of linen fabric ranging from the most obvious 'Vanilla' which is a warm and creamy off white, to the bold and rich Peacock Green and then lots of fabulous shades in between. We did used to offer really bright colours in linen eg. a golden yellow and a cornflower blue but they were never very popular, something about the understated and wistful feel of linen doesn't seem to naturally lend itself to vibrant colours.

Have a look at our linen range for some inspiration...

We have four different sizes of album and three sizes of guest book to hopefully meet all your needs. Our range of fonts are carefully selected as due to the weave of the fabric printing with a thick font just doesn't come out!

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