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What type of wedding guest book do we need?

What type of wedding guest book do we need?

Deciding on the type of wedding guest book you need is actually quite easy as it boils down to the simple question "will you be putting photos in it or not?"

We sell two types of wedding guest books:

 The first ones are designed solely for the written word, they are bound like a reading book so have a tight bind all the way along the spine and have pages of premium, heavy gsm paper which is perfect for writing messages on. With over 80 pages ( that's 160 sides ) they cater for even the biggest weddings as, from our experience, 4-5 guest typically sign the same page! Also, quite often one side of a couple writes for both of them.

 The second ones are for photos and keepsakes ( such an old fashioned word but by that I mean the order of service, copy of the vows, the menu, a copy of the table plan) along with written message and are bound with an expandable spine. The pages are made so that they have a 'lift' at the edge nearest the spine, and by this I mean a return of card that is approx 1mm thick and 1cm wide that allows space for extra elements to be added to the page. The pages are made from acid free, premium photo board and are also lovely to write on.

So, it's easy! Decide how you're going to be using your book and then all you have to is think of the material you want it made from ( recycled leather, linen or jewel book cloth) and the writing style for the front!

If you are deliberating then my advice would be to go for one of the larger ones for photos and written messages, as then you cover all bases - also, if the book is only half full with writing then you can always add photos of the day later!

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