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Why do we love linen so much?

Why do we love linen so much?

Linen has been valued as a premium material for thousands of years (apparently, just googled it, it was used in Egypt 10,000 years ago) and I can really see why. It just feels and looks both beautiful and natural, like the real thing. Here at BeGolden we have been binding our guest books and photo albums in linen for the last eight years and their popularity just continues to increase.

We started off with a wedding range, binding our wedding albums and wedding guest books just using a pale cream colour linen we called Vanilla, and then moved on to our other neutral shades ( eau de nil, iced grey and antique rose ) and these four are still our best sellers.  We then added visitors book and general photo albums and grew the range to twelve colours ( navy blue, merlot red, cornflower purple...) but to be honest these brighter shades just never get a look in! Maybe it's simply because they don't reflect the organic qualities that we expect from the material.

Take a look at all our linen albums and guest books and decide for yourself...


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