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Next Year's Father's Day sorted

Next Year's Father's Day sorted

Every year when we were wondering what to get Mum as a present she used to say 'I don't care what you get me, a Mars Bar is fine, as long as it's given with love'. A lovely sentiment, however the reality is she'd be furious if we'd forgotten her Birthday or Mother's Day and just nipped to the petrol station for some chocolate.

But I understand what she meant, there is something really special about a gift that is given with love and thought. When effort has been put into a present then it really shows.

Father's Day is one of those gifting occasions when socks, books, chocolates, a nice bottle of red is all a Dad really expects - so why not push the boat out and completely surprise him with a photo album filled with memories! He'll love it, as to be honest, everyone does. There is something magical about being given a personalised book filled with special photos.

We did an album earlier in the week that said on the front 'Dad - your slides' and someone had converted all the old slides ( some of you will be too young to remember the joy of a slideshow) into photos and put them in an album - how many bonus points are they going to get??

Keep it in your head for next year...

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