Our little nod to Pantone's colour of the year 2018 'Ultra Violet'. January 25, 2018 12:14

Every year Pantone elects a 'Colour of the Year'. Last year we had 'Greenery' the refreshing and revitalising shade of new beginnings. This year Pantone describes their 'Ultra Violet' as 'dramatically provocative and thoughtful'. The strong purple shade is said to communicate 'originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future', almost lighting the way to what is yet to come. Perfect and apt for our very own 'Deep Purple' wedding album or even our lighter shade of 'Lavender' photo album if you just want to give a hint of purple to the day. All our wedding guest books come in purple and lavender too. Weddings are the beginning of what is yet to come, and certainly points to a promising future. Or you could even try one of our memorable birthday albums, they do say 'Life begins at 40!' Onwards and upwards...



How Important is the Type Face on your Wedding Stationery? March 23, 2016 13:53

Being in the printing business we have become more and more obsessed with different type fonts! Sad, I know. However, in our defence, the whole area of fonts and type faces is strangely addictive. My individual nerdy obsession took an added turn when I was bought the book Just My Type by Simon Garfield for Christmas. Oh my life, as Simon explains, just a small tweak to the type on a logo and the whole thing changes disproportionately. Love it.

It is actually amazing ( no irony here) how you can change the look and feel of a product just by using a cursive, modern or block type face.

Check this out; same product but four different fonts.

Rose Gold Guest Book

Which do you prefer? Which Guest Book goes best with your wedding?

If you have a specific font for your wedding and you'd like us to print a personalised guest book for you then just get in touch at as we are more than happy to do bespoke options.