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Wedding Guest Books, why have one??

A great wedding will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, whether it be a grand affair or an intimate do, you will want to remember every moment. 

Therefore, a guest book is one way of capturing the mood of the day from a different angle. Having well-wishes and personal comments from your guests will give you an insight into your big day in a way that you wouldn’t be able to. There is something really lovely and sentimental about having notes and thoughts from your loved ones to read many years after the big day.

There are a number of different options you could go for to record memories of your special day. A traditional guest book is where you ask all of your guests to sign into the book, this is a great way to have a record of everyone that came. 

 A photo guest book is a fun alternative to the traditional concept. Have a camera available that prints instant photos, have your guests take photos of themselves or elements of the wedding and ask them to add a personal message with the photo. 

Or how about having a guest book where you ask your guests to leave a memory, piece of advice, words of wisdom or short message. Something you can look back on and remember who you celebrated your day with. Re-read the memories and advice…they may seem different to you in future years to come. 

Just remember if you want your guests to contribute to the book, make sure it isn’t hidden away or tucked into a corner. See if one of the the Bridal party will take the book around to encourage your guests to add to it.














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