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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposals can be quite daunting whether you are sure they will say yes or not! But you can be sure the story of said proposal will be told to friends, family and strangers for years to come. 

In some ways the proposal can be more important than the big day itself with some women dreaming of the most amazing statement to rival the next. But some are very happy to have a simple relaxed romantic proposal over roast chicken like Harry and Meghan. Whichever way it goes, it will always be special to you.

Here are a few of our favourite fun ways to propose:

  1. Treasure Hunt: Send your unsuspecting loved one on an exciting treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. Either around the house and garden or places you both love to go.
  1. Aquarium: This is a fun one if you can convince the aquarium to do it.  Ask if they will put a "Will you marry me?" sign up to the glass in one of their fish tanks. Then at feeding time, or at one of their shows, position you both ready for the reveal.
  1. Jigsaw: Have a personalised jigsaw puzzle made with your favourite picture and the words "Marry me?" On a rainy day suggest this activity, and when you've finished enough that you can clearly see the photo and read the words, it's time to propose!
  1. Gift Basket: Put together a luxury gift basket of all of their favourite treats - like chocolate, coffee, candles, - and hide the ring among the presents in its box, so it doesn't get lost in the goodies. 
  1. Photo Album: Use one of our bespoke photo albums to propose…add a chronological photo account story of the day you first met ending with the words “Will you marry me?”, very unique and special. 


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