Indian Summer Weddings September 20, 2018 15:13

September weddings are becoming more and more popular. Guests won’t be jetting off on their holidays, honeymoon destinations are cheaper and of course you get the fabulous weather we seem to always have once the school holidays are over.

It’s warm in the daytime but the nights draw in, so you can still have bare legs and arms in stunning dresses, with lovely wraps and blankets in the evening. With spectacular sunsets blazing through the sky in an ombre of pink and orange you could also have breathtaking wedding photos. 

Theme your wedding with a bohemian vibe. Intimate candle lit settings, with deep, opulent colours. Think gold and copper, hot pinks with vivid blues and burnished oranges and vibrant purples. The table styling should be bold and bright with embellished glassware, vases filled with brightly coloured blooms of roses, peonies, chrysanthemums and cornflowers.

We have some perfectly coloured albums for Indian Summer Weddings.

Our Photo Guest Book with Ribbon is great for Photo Booth style pictures and the Cool and Colourful Wedding Guest Book is perfect for those having a brightly coloured, fun filled, wedding.



Obligatory School Photo September 6, 2018 12:28

It’s that time of year when the obligatory first-day-back-to-school photo appears all over social media. Generally outside the front door with our little darlings looking fresh as a daisy with a new hair cut, new shoes, matching book bag to lunch box and clothes three sizes too big to last them the first term!

It might be their first day at primary school, first day in secondary school or first day in a new year, but the one thing in common is all of the photos are of beaming children excited for their next new chapter. 

But what is so fabulous to see is their changes over time. Change of hairstyle, height or facial features, the progression is so lovely to look back on and you need to make sure they can be seen in chronological order.  The best way to do this is to put them all into one of our lovely albums! 

A special dedicated place for all those beautiful memories. Either our Family Photo Album or even our Little Leather Boasting Album would be absolutely ideal.